Annual Cool-eMath supply list

Below is the list of items that students will need to purchase to be prepared for any Cool-eMath class.

  • 1.5 inch binder (you will be asked to by other 1 in or 1.5 in binders in the Castle House, so choose various colors for each subject)

  • Package of 5 dividers that are placed within the 1.5 inch binder

    • Label the 5 dividers in your binder in this order:
      • Ratios and Proportional Reasoning (RP)
      • Number Sense (NS)
      • Expressions & Equations (EE)
      • Geometry (G)
      • Statistics & Probability (SP)
  • Package of 3 hole punch lined paper and place lined paper in binder before all tabs tab of the dividers (1st divider)

  • Scientific Calculator ($10-15) from any store

  • Each student will need their own CORDED headphones that will PLUG IN to computers. (NO wireless Airpods)  We will be using computers daily, and often there will be short videos to watch, and the students will need these corded headphones daily in class to watch these learning videos or websites without impacting other students in class.